Ronnel Butler

RIP Rasta, 2015
Glass seed beads (size 10/0) hand sewn on canvas. 10‐20 different colors used. Rhinestone, pleated velvet, and turkey feather border.
38 x 39 x 1 in
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This apron is a tribute to the artist’s brother, Mr. Teral Butler, who passed away in 2014. It depicts Teral’s symbolic journey on the Spirit River. Lovingly sewn with sparkling silver-lined rocaille beads, two solemn Indians are approaching the shore as the sun sets in the background.
Generally, the year in which a new apron is created, it is worn on the front of the suit for that year as the main apron. Although it is traditionally never worn in the front for a second year, it may be worn as a rear apron in the back of a new suit, especially when the concepts of the two pieces are somewhat related. This apron was worn on the back of Mr. Butler’s suit in 2016. The artist used simple color-blocked forms to organize this piece into a well‐balanced composition. Mr. Butler is known for his neat and tight beadwork and innovative use of rhinestones placed as accents.