Lloyd Keeler

Wells Fargo, 1990s
Glass seed beads (sizes 8/0 & 10/0) hand sewn on canvas. 10‐20 different colors used. Rhinestone, faceted acrylic gemstone, braided gimp, and marabou feather border.
32 x 33 x 1 in
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Mr. Keeler, spyboy of the Apache Hunters Tribe, is known for developing his own style of beading in concentric arcs, giving a truly unique texture to all of his forms. As Spy Boy, Mr. Keeler plays an important role in the ritual parade on Mardi Gras, St Joseph’s Day, and Super Sunday. He goes out before the tribe and especially the Big Chief to scout for other tribes on the path and to send word back to the Big Chief via the Flag Boy.

This apron depicts the fearless endeavor of Wells Fargo attempting to deliver mail, goods, and people to the newly opened Southwest. The hapless stagecoach driver is energetically attempting to flee the charge by Indian braves. There is a broken wheel in the red dust, likely harkening to the demise of a prior run. The red dust and mountains are further mottled to create added depth and interest. The fiery sun is executed in silver‐lined rocailles and the glittering rhinestone border is further embellished with large faceted acrylic stones.