Lloyd Keeler

White Buffalo, 2000
Glass seed beads (size 10/0) hand sewn on canvas. 10‐20 different colors used. Rhinestone, faceted acrylic gemstone, braided gimp, and marabou feather border.
31 x 29 x 1 in
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Two Indians are riding on horseback in pursuit of a herd of buffalo. One animal has been felled. The white buffalo, which has been repeatedly stabbed, is about to receive another as the Indian is poised to administer a final blow.
The fiery sun, executed in silver lined rocailles, glows in the blue sky, and flowers dot the meadow. A “speckling” technique (picking up several shades of beads while sewing certain elements) was added to create textural depth in the buffalo figures, in the mountains, and in the grass. Mr. Keeler is known for developing his own style of beading in concentric arcs, giving a truly unique texture to all of his forms.