The history of Super Sunday and the Mardi Gras Indians

CBS Saturday Morning, Michelle Miller, 26 March 2022

Last weekend, Super Sunday was celebrated in New Orleans. It is the day when African-American revelers, known as Mardi Gras Indians, parade through town in their hand-made costumes. Michelle Miller has more on the history of the group.

Uptown Super Sunday 2022 - Mardi Gras Indian parade 

WWOZ New Orleans, 22 March 2022 

It was a beautiful afternoon for Uptown Super Sunday in New Orleans. These are a few of the highlights of the Black Masking Indians who were out to celebrate their heritage and culture today. Before parading, Creole Wild West Big Chief Howard Miller poured libations for friends and colleagues who had passed. This video shows the first few blocks of the parade, which then went on for 5 hours.

A New Suit

WWOZ New Orleans, 19 March 2021

The trials and tribulations of making a new Indian suit for Mardi Gras - working against the pressures of time, money, labor, technical problems, and physical exhaustion. This film shows Big Chief David Montana struggling to finish on time for Carnival day.

New Mardi Gras Indian Tribe — The Young Maasai Hunters

WWOZ New Orleans, 18 February 2021

The black masking Indians of New Orleans, usually known as Mardi Gras Indians, comprise a diverse group that is always evolving. Some participants are born into it, while others join, sometimes as adults. New tribes often appear, and this video shows one new group as they prepare to come out for the first time on Mardi Gras morning in 2018.

Wild Magnolias - 2nd Queen on Mardi Gras Day (2016)

WWOZ New Orleans, 01 April 2020

WWOZ talks to Wild Magnolias' Second Queen Tahj Williams on Mardi Gras Day 2016. Recorded by WWOZ on Mardi Gras day, 2016.

Sew Sew Sew 

WWOZ New Orleans, 3 March 2020

New Orleans' Black Masking Indians prepare for Mardi Gras day. Featuring Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & the Golden Eagles - "Sew sew sew" - recorded by WWOZ at Congo Square Rhythms Festival, 2018.

9th Ward Black Hatchets Debut (2017)

WWOZ New Orleans, 18 February 2020

Big Chief Dowee of the 9th Ward Black Hatchets introduces his new tribe on Mardi Gras morning.

Mardi Gras Indian Battle - Congo Square Rhythms Festival (2019)

WWOZ New Orleans, 22 November 2019

New Orleans' Black Masking Indians perform a ceremonial battle in Congo square for the Congo Square Rhythms Festival.